Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Film Studies - Moulin Rouge


续上次 Film Studies 看 "Memento" 后,
下一堂课看 Moulin Rouge,
这套在去年的 script writing 课已经看过了,

这堂课是关于 "mise-en-scene",
"mise-en-scene" is how to tell the story even better.
For example: How to create visual that create sadness?
(by using the color, the makeup, the light, and etc.)

"mise-en-scene" includes:
- Setting + Props
- Costume + Makeup
- Lights
- Character's movement

Moulin Rouge
Directed by: Baz Luhrmann
Genre: Musical, Drama, Romance
Location: Paris

For the synopsis for Moulin Rouge, just watch back the movie lar....

Satine (female lead character played by Nicole Kidman)
- She wears a veil (the black color "mask" when she go meet Christian after she found out that she is dying and trying to save Christian from getting kill by the Duke.) This means that she is hiding her feeling and hiding the truth to ask Christian leave her and go away from her. (This is the part of costume)

- For her first appearance in Moulin Rouge, her came down from top, sitting in swing, and starting to sing, "Diamond is the girl best friend". When she appear, blue tint in on everybody; which means she is "hard to approach" because she is a stunning, beautiful courtesan(prostitute).(This is part of lights)

The very very first start from movie, the "stage"...
- is to remind audience this is a performance (movie).
- behind to curtain -> old school -> is around 1900.
- Change color, from brownish to real color -> to represent the "real time" in that scene

Movie begins with Christian scene.(When he start wanted to type his story)
The lighting are orangie, red (represent passion), blue -> to show anger, depress.
Then shows Christian face in two color, half red-orangie, half blue -> represent he is fighting between passion & depression.

Next continue with the scene he just reach Paris.
The whole color is in light color -> represent love, hope, full of lifeness.

For the first setting in Christian room is empty -> means he is pure and naive.

Then there got people fell into his room
-> introducing new character
-> the fall down scene which also describe as they "entering his life"
-> those peoples are the creature of the underworld, they are complicated (messy life)
-> so at this point, Christian from "clean" start entering the "mess".
-> after the slightly mess, then now he is the writer of the "Spectacular Spectacular", start drink his first "wine", and have imagination of "green fairy", he is getting into the "bigger mess".

In Moulin Rouge is the "ultimate mess".
-> many colors, their complicated cloths textures, their dance moves.
-> the more color, the more moves, the more texture, represent "bigger mess".

下一篇,是说German Expression,看的电影是 Dark City。

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Genting - Doraemon World - One Day Trip

Last Friday, hang out with monkeys and have fun @ Genting.
We went in two ways, BUS and CAR.
Reach Genting at 10am, then in Doraemon World, take pictures, fooling around, talking and laughing around.

Next, head off to our 地盘 --> First World's Starbuck.
We play blackjack there, waiting time to pass...bus is at 7pm.

We are late, due to didn't think of sooo many people down by cable car;
So end up, 6 ppl balik with small car...fuuuu...!!

Genting is freaking freezing cold that day....! AWESOME!
Just let the picture do the talking~
We are so crazy until use LIGHT, just wanna take the WORD...lolx

Nice Group Photo~Thnx to RouWei~xDD